Delivering Critical Information to Frontline Workers

Augmented 3D Work Instructions: Efficient, Accurate, Scalable Knowledge Sharing – Exactly When and Where You Need It

Time: 29:15

Use Case: Raspberry Pi Assembly Instructions

Solution Area: Augmented Reality


Join our Illumination Works AR industry experts as they share the value and ease of creating augmented 3D work construction packages for frontline workers leveraging PTC’s Vuforia Instruct and Expert Capture to accelerate and simplify the process of designing instructional capabilities for manufacturing and assembly.

Manufacturers who use digital design to build their products, assembly equipment, and test equipment are positioned to gain great value from transitioning to augmented 3D work instruction packages.

Traditionally, novice employees learn new procedures through face-to-face training with an expert in the company. However, in today’s environment, this method is not as practical or cost-effective.

Limited experience has caused some plants to fall behind on safety and regulatory requirements, while delays to scheduled maintenance increase wear on equipment and subsequent replacement costs.

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Optimize inspections for quality and field maintenance use cases
  • Reduce errors associated with traditional training and instruction methods
  • Scale expert knowledge to close skills gaps in the workforce from labor shortage and retirement of experienced workers
  • Stay current with safety and regulatory requirements
Illumination Works is proud of our multi-year partnership with PTC and the natural progression around synergistic focus areas that make us an excellent match for our customers.

PTC’s core capabilities for AR and IoT platforms are complementary to Illumination Works’ proven data management and analytics capabilities.



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