Blackhawk Helicopter Preflight 
Inspection AR Application

Reduce pilot training time and costs by digitally capturing preflight inspection logs leveraging AR and IoT

Leveraging modern AR & IoT to help pilots perform preflight inspections  

Imagine you’re a new helicopter pilot. Wouldn’t it be great to simply point your iPad at the helicopter and leverage a robust AR application to show you the steps you need to perform for your preflight inspection and capture the inspection data?

Illumination Works’ Blackhawk Helicopter AR Application does just that! Join us as we share our latest Innovation Lab AR project leveraging a Blackhawk helicopter CAD model. Our AR/IoT experts will demonstrate how they created the AR preflight inspection application using an iPad and PTC’s Vuforia Studio AR software, Creo Illustrate, Creo Parametric, and ThingWorx IoT software.

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Demonstrate AR and different instruction content types associated with how information can be presented to the pilot executing the preflight checklist 
  • Show the pilot the best place to stand to perform the inspection 
  • Integrate several training and performance aids into the app such as photos and technical documentation 
  • Set the foundation for developing advanced visuals such as integrating AR and CAD manipulations 
  • Write back to and pull data from IoT software to view backdated inspections 

Moderator: Connor Sullivan, Partner Marketing, PTC


Max Fritzhand

IoT Design & Development, Illumination Works

James Blough

Digital Transformation, Illumination Works

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