Intro to Vuforia Studio

Reduce costs and errors and leverage real-time, in-context IoT data for increased worker efficiency and safety

Time: 29:05

Solution Areas: Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented 3D instructions to boost worforce safety and performance

There are increasing pressures in the industrial market – worker skill gap, complex products and workspaces, and increased customer demand. Vuforia Studio can ensure business continuity using 3D work instructions by connecting employees to critical information, addressing increasing product complexity, and improving workforce agility and flexibility.

Join Illumination Works and PTC as we explore Vuforia Studio, one of the easiest and most advanced AR solutions for the enterprise! Our AR experts will demonstrate how they use Studio to create immersive AR/MR experiences, and author and publish scalable AR for the enterprise.

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Immersive 3D instructions clairfy complex procedures to reduce costs and errors
  • Real-time, in-context IoT data incease worker efficiency and safety
  • Virtual product demos accelerate training and sales cycles
  • Scalable AR content empowers workers across the enterprise

Moderator: Remi Sabouri, Senior Partner Marketing, PTC

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Jon Mitchell

CEO/CTO, Illumination Works

James Blough

Digital Transformation, Illumination Works

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