Advanced Vuforia Studio

Efficiently author and publish scalable AR experiences that improve assembly, quality, and inspection

Efficiently create scalable AR experiences for industrial use cases

Vuforia Studio is an efficient and scalable AR authoring and publishing tool that boosts workforce safety and performance. Integration with PTC ThingWorx allows IoT data to be easily streamed to your AR applications. Model Targets allow on-dervice AR applications and extensions like wayfinding provide true in-situ AR application capabilities.

Join Illumination Works’ AR experts as they explore advanced Vuforia Studio techniques including 3D applications with live streaming IoT data and wayfinding extensions.

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Create real-time AR experiences using IoT data from ThingWorx in Vuforia Stdui
  • Using Model Targets for on-device augmentations
  • Leverage extensions in Vuforia Studio including wayfinding to enable guided AR experiences

Moderator: Connor Sullivan, Partner Marketing, PTC

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Jon Mitchell

CEO/CTO, Illumination Works

James Blough

Digital Transformation, Illumination Works

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