Our People

Whether you are a part of management, the support team, or a consultant, each member of our Illumination Works family contributes a unique perspective and invaluable skills

Meet the Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Cathy Claude

Director of Marketing

With over 20 years of experience in tech writing and editing as well as creation of promotional materials and graphic design, Cathy works with executive leadership, sales, delivery, recruiting and operations to build Illumination Works’ brand both internally and externally, specializing in digital marketing.
Leadership Team

Gary Telles

Executive Director

Gary has been with Illumination Works since 2010 and brings more than 25 years of raw programming and data experience in the commercial industry. Gary has led and mentored projects featuring data management, big data, BI/DW, data quality, and analytics. Gary’s mantra is to implement IT solutions better than anyone else.
Leadership Team

Hugh Bolton

President & CSO

Hugh guides the company's strategic goals and identifies growth opportunities. He evaluates market forecasts and long-term trends, gathers competitive intelligence, assesses cross-functional business processes, and pushes business model innovation to include potential mergers and acquisition activities.
Leadership Team

Jan Turkelson

VP Government Division

Jan is a leader dedicated to high quality results and innovation for our clients with over 20 years of DoD experience. She has deep expertise across technology solutions including program management, EDM, data science, big data, visualization, system implementation, AR/VR, IoT, and business transformation.
Leadership Team

Janet Schreiber

Director of Operations

Janet has 15 years of experience in financial management and timekeeping as well as six years of experience in HR. She oversees all office operations at our three office locations. Janet has a BA in Accounting from Wright State University and has been with Illumination Works for over four years as the Finance Manager.
Leadership Team

Janette Steets, PhD

Director of Data Science

Janette has 20+ years of experience in research and data science, including extensive background in experimental design and statistical analysis. For the past 3 years Janette has worked extensively applying data science techniques to DoD aircraft maintenance and logistics data to turn data into actionable information.
Leadership Team

Jon Mitchell


Jon Mitchell is the CEO and Chief Technology Officer for Illumination Works. Illumination Works and its employees are Jon’s second family and this company is absolutely his heart and soul. He tries every day to instill the passion for getting things done, which has had a trickle-down effect within our company.
Leadership Team

Pam Kerstetter

VP Commercial Division

Pam has had a successful career marketing and managing IT consultants in the Greater Columbus and Cincinnati areas as well as selling technology projects and solutions for over 25 years. She is responsible for managing the commercial business that includes a team of sales, recruiting and delivery.
Leadership Team

Rob Keefer, PhD

Director of Research & Innovation

Rob has 20+ years of experience turning complex problems into opportunities for measurable progress, improved deliverables, and faster time to market. Rob areas of expertise include data science, machine learning, software craftsmanship, user experience design, and Lean/Agile practices.
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