Internet of Things

It’s a connected world—leverage sensors, smartphones, and wearables for business value

Illumination Works is a key integrator of PTC’s ThingWorx Platform to support industrial IoT solutions

  • IoT strategy and implementation
  • Digital thread across the enterprise
  • Smart-connected operations
  • Smart-connected products

ILW is a leading implementor of PTC ThingWorx Foundation and Platform

Common Digital/Data Thread

Low-code/no-code platform to quickly integrate data and extend uses to eliminate data silos, create a common dataset across the organization, and provide feedback loop to integrate performance data into future designs and service department

Smart Factories

Smart-connected operations to reduce unexpected downtime by providing early signals about the production line, reduce mean time to repair, and improve production efficiency by 20-35%

Smart Products

Smart-connected products to improve quality and customer satisfaction via feedback on live product performance, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce engineering cycle time and production changes


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