Edge Analytics

Faster analysis of data to deliver insights in a more timely and relevant way to resource at the edge

Kystone™ Edge Analytics integrates strategic and tactical operations with real-time information when challenged by communication limitations, low bandwidth, and use of local data only

Kystone™ Edge Analytics

  • Leverage operational technology via sensors from connected machines
  • Develop AI to focus and prioritize critical information
  • Optimize data transmission with machine learning monitoring and down-selects
  • Automate machine learning generation with guided workflow 
  • Configure​ business rules with metadata-driven processes
  • Enable information resiliency and non-repudiation of data with blockchain
  • Provide intelligent remote actor to eliminate need for human action at edge

Our data experts synergistically leverage four Kystone™ Accelerators – Ingest, Trust, Analytics, and Visualize – to customize an Edge Analytics solution specific to your data and unique requirements

Centralized Systems to Remote System / Device Data at the Edge

  • Timely, accurate information for proactive decision making
  • Secure transmission for information resiliency
  • Reduced information overload with analytic filtering
  • Reduced issues with low bandwidth connectivity

Machine Learning Driven Architecture

  • Connect and connect service
  • Data integrity service
  • Machine learning service
  • Rules engine
  • User interface

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