Augmented Reality

Quickly emerging technologies to unlock the full potential of the internet of things data

Illumination Works is helping customers unleash the enormous potential of AR to enhance operations, maintenance, and services

  • Augmented reality software reseller
  • End-to-end solution delivery
  • Unlock context of IoT data
  • Virtual step-by-step instructions
  • 3D schematics and overlays
  • Real-time performance data

ILW is a regional leader in implementing PTC Vuforia Studio, Expert Capture, and Chalk

Capture/Publish Training (2D)

Digital standard operating procedures and remote support and guidance to improve training efficiency and productivity while attracting and retaining new talent

Remote Assistance

Bring technicians and experts in diverse locations together to solve problems faster and more effectively, reducing mean time to repair, first time fix rate, and travel costs

Digital Overlay (3D)

Overlay digital objects onto the physical environment to improve product quality, reduce mean time to repair, provide model-specific instructions, and provide faster training of new operators

Digital Twin – CAD/IoT Data

Create new revenue streams—turn service into a profit center, create results-based business models to drive new sales, reduce cycle times, and improve new product introductions

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