Illumination Works, in partnership with PTC, is proud to announce the award for a project with Tinker AFB to utilize PTC’s ThingWorx Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform to support production equipment monitoring, alerting, and analytics.

Standardized Sensor Management & Monitoring

Tinker AFB utilizes numerous electronically-controlled production machines, including plasma cutters, welders, CNC machines, and other industrial production machinery. The missing piece of this industrial enterprise is the ability to centrally collect, manage, alert, and leverage the data from this machinery. Standardizing management and monitoring of these sensors would greatly ease operations and enable performance and cost improvements.

Illumination Works is excited to embark on this effort with the Air Force in leveraging its production data to better manage and optimize Depot operations.

Jon Mitchell

CTO, Illumination Works

Centralized IIoT Platform for Visibility & Early Error Detection

For this effort, Illumination Works, PTC, and The Immix Group will perform a pilot to connect an on-premise deployment of PTC ThingWorx Platform Enterprise Edition including ThingWorx Analytics to plasma cutter controllers and vibration monitoring systems for CNC machines. This will be the first time Tinker AFB has collected this valuable information in a central platform. Illumination Works will create dashboards for visibility into operations and to support early detection of machine issues.

For more information contact Jan Turkelson, Vice President, Government Division.

Check out our Government page to learn more about how we are bringing innovation to the Department of Defense.

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